Collecting leaves

Laub aufsammeln (1)

The powerful suction effect captures almost "everything" (leaves, chestnuts, acorns, etc.). This ensures optimum utilisation of the hopper capacity. In addition, the shredding of the leaves by the rotating blades speeds up their decomposition. Often in the spring, autumn leaves remain covering the ground and the grass can only grow with difficulty. To improve and aid that grass growth, those leaves can be collected, and the lawn aerated in a single pass by simply adding in the scarifying blades.

"The collection and the transfer of cuttings or leaves performs very well, even in wet conditions."
(Practice test from ‘Kommunaltechnik’ magazine · 07/2013)

"Most of the drivers liked the seating position."
(Practice test from ‘Kommunaltechnik’ magazine · 07/2013)

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