Mastering the current challenges in green space management with the AMAZONE Profihopper

Well-kept green spaces in parks, lush grass in football stadiums, open grass areas on campsites or around the swimming pool, high-quality riding stables and golf courses - professional lawn care and landscape maintenance can quickly become the focal point of any leisure facility, be it perfectly mown lawns in summer or diligently collected leaves in the autumn.

However, current challenges are making it increasingly difficult to keep well-maintained areas to a high standard and at an affordable cost: a shortage of skilled labour, rising fuel prices, littering and improper use, extreme weather and environmental protection regulations are making green space maintenance more difficult.

The Profihopper self-propelled mower/collector from AMAZONE masters all of these challenges - efficient in terms of area coverage, convenient and easy to operate, outstanding in terms of build-quality and sturdiness, reliable and flexible in terms of possible applications, whether cutting and scarifying lawns or collecting leaves, horse droppings or rubbish, such as discarded drinks cans. Always mown with a perfect result, day after day, 
even with continuous operation from morning to night - for your professional green area management.

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