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PowerCompactor: extended, reliable operation without emptying!

With the PowerCompactor, the Profihopper enters a new class in efficiency. The PowerCompactor features an auger conveying system consisting of longitudinal and cross conveyor augers, giving the Profihopper, in comparison with other mowers, a higher collection capacity and thus quicker forward speeds, even in tall grass.

Immediately after being picked up, the cuttings are compacted by the auger conveyor system and collected in the grass catcher. Thanks to this compression, 1,000 l/1,600 l of uncompressed cuttings can be collected in the 730 l/1,100 l collection hopper. This principle increases the hopper capacity by almost 50%. Time lost by emptying the hopper is immediately reduced by 50 % and the efficiency of both the machine and the operator is increased at the same.

  • Good for the operator and the environment: The delivery system does not require any air assistance and in this way operates at low noise levels and is virtually dust-free.

“The mowing unit cuts perfectly and, even under wet conditions, the cuttings are reliably delivered via the conveyor augers into the large collecting hopper.”
(Practice test from ‘Kommunaltechnik’ magazine · 07/2013)

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