Mowing and mulching

Effective mowing on wet or dry, short or long grass!

The AMAZONE mowing and scarifying system
The Groundkeeper does a superb job in nearly all climatic or vegetation conditions. Its well-proven AMAZONE mowing and scarifying system is the guarantor for well-groomed lawns. Whether the sun is shining or the early morning dew is still on the grass – work can begin. The Groundkeeper is not bothered whether the grass is wet, exceptionally tall or even thick – and it always achieves first class results. Its large rotor and tolerance of foreign objects makes it the ideal tool for the extensive maintenance of large lawns.

The combination of reversible mowing blades and sharpened wing cutting blades offers the well balanced combination of little wear and of excellent mowing and collecting performance. Cuttings are finely shredded by the blades. This reduces composting time.

  • Simple changeover to mulching without conversion:
    The Groundkeeper can be used without collecting for the first pass, so that seeds and nutrients can return to the ground. A second pass a few weeks later will further process the clippings, working the important nutrients back into the soil helping to enrich it.

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