PowerCompactor – Honed for efficiency

Immediately after collection, the cuttings are compressed via the PowerCompactor’s auger conveyor system and collected in the hopper.

The benefits:

  • High conveying capacity provides maximum mowing efficiency 
  • Extreme compaction of the hopper capacity by approximately 50 % to the equivalent of 1,000/1,600 litres of cuttings 
  • Optimised fuel consumption by the perfect teamwork of engine capacity and forward speed

Profihopper 1500
– 1.50 m working width
– 88 (44 pairs) of sharpened wing blades arranged in 4 rows
– Rotor speed 3,400 rpm
– 15 to 20 % less power consumption with the new generation, thanks to the new streamlined flow into the longitudinal auger
– New reinforced, longitudinal auger drive with five, rather than three belts, for more power with less slip, suitable for the wider working width

  1. Higher longitudinal auger speed (+ 100 rpm) for better transfer of the cut material 
  2. Reinforced longitudinal auger drive with five belts
    • More transferable power
    • Less belt slip 
  3. More throughput as a result of the optimised flow:
    • Reduction in power consumption of 15 to 20%
    • Easier to unblock

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