Roger Myatt, Doncaster Golf Club, GB: 3 machines in one - the Profihopper 1250

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Roger Myatt is Course Manager at Doncaster Golf Club in Great Britain. He got to know the Profihopper 1250 during a demonstration a few years ago and now the team at the club use the Profihopper 1250 more and more. The decision to buy the machine was taken almost 2 years ago and was helped by the close location of the course to AMAZONE Ltd.’s headquarters which makes any cooperation much simpler. The Profihopper is liked because it can perform any task required of it, with the PH 1250 at the club being used to maintain the heath areas and, through scarifying, promotes seed germination of the grass. It also thins out those areas with thick, tall grass and is used to collect leaves in autumn. The beauty now is that the Profihopper has improved the characteristics of heathland and, where the rough has been cut and thinned out, these surfaces are easier to play. It keeps the falling leaves in check and, because the PH 1250 is so compact, it can be fit between the trees and so can collect the majority of the leaves which then can be easily emptied into trailers. What Roger Myatt particularly likes about the Profihopper are the simple things; the height adjustment, its manoeuvrability between the trees and the high-tip emptying (up to 2.10 m). The technical plus point, and the deciding factor, according to Roger Myatt in choosing the Profihopper, was the fact that he has 3 machines in one  - leaf collector, grass cutter and scarifier. Mr Myatt clearly recommends the use of a AMAZONE Profihopper 1250 for golf courses: “Even the club members are impressed by it,” he concludes.

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