The driver's seat is a key element

The best technology can only realise its full benefit and functionality if it is operated professionally. This requires a high degree of comfort and user-friendliness in order to remain focused at all times, even with long working hours.

This is exactly what the driver's seat of the Profihopper is designed for. The controls are easy to reach and adjust, while the seat with integrated heating guarantees comfort.

The optional cab on the Profihopper 1500 also offers air conditioning and protection from the weather, a radio and an optional reversing camera for a better view. Best conditions in the workplace!

Control and operation

1. Powershuttle Forward/Neutral/Reverse
2. Drinks holder
3. Hill start assist
4. Cruise control
5. Electronic accelerator pedal
6. Parking brake
7. Practical info display: Display of all important job information, such as mowing times, area coverage and key engine figures for maximum machine utilisation during operation
8. Mowing deck and collection hopper controls

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