E+S – the technology with Snow-how

E+S – Technik mit Snow-how (1) E-und-S_301_d0_kw_0462_d1_170602

Saving costs – protecting the environment

Technik mit Snow-how (3) E-und-S_751_d0_kw_3471_d1_170606

Standard features of the E+S include:

  • Drive from choice via PTO shaft or hydraulics (E+S Hydro)
  • Steep hopper walls for optimum flow of the spreading material
  • Strong protective sieve inside the hopper
  • 3-point linkage Cat. 1 and Cat. 2, easy mounting to the tractor
  • Important parts such as the entire bottom assembly, spread pattern limiter, spreading disc and spreading blades are made from stainless steel
  • SmartCenter for easy and precise setting of the spread fan 
  • The extremely corrosion-resistant cathodic dip painting process increases the service life of the spreaders (to automotive industry standards) 
  • Practical hose rail for the safe storage of the hydraulic hoses on the E+S Hydro

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