On grip tines


The “on-grip” tine position has proved its effectiveness particularly when mulch sowing as it guarantees a thorough mixing of soil and organic residues. When set to “on-grip” the tines break up the soil from underneath creating no smeared horizons. Coarse clods are thrown further than the finer tilth and as a result, the fine soil collects in the lower part of the working zone, while the coarser clods remain on the surface. The seed is therefore placed in the area where the fine soil is collected with the coarser clods staying on the surface to protect the soil from capping, drying and wind and water erosion, and provide protection for young plants. This creates the optimum conditions for good seedling emergence. As an option, the standard "on-grip tines" are now offered in a re-inforced Version for an even longer operational life. At the KG Super, these tines come as standard. As an alternative to the standard tines, the KG Super can be equipped with coated tines (KD) or special potato tines.