Optimum setting of the disc row stagger

Thanks to the uncomplicated and compact build, the need for adjustment is kept to a minimum. Only in extreme operating conditions is it necessary that an improvement to the setting of the disc rows needs to be carried out via the offset slide mechanism. So, in cases where the soil has not been loosened across the full working width, the setting of the disc rows can, via the offset slide mechanism, be quickly, simply optimised and without tools. A further advantage is the ability to readjust the disc row stagger when as the discs wear. The adjustment is carried out via the four-sided eccentric block that acts as the limit stop.

On the rigid 3 m and 3.5 m working width Catros, the two disc rows are pushed towards each other with the aid of the offset slide and are locked into the transport position. Prior to operation they then are unlocked again and pushed apart. This sliding action is carried out using the ground resistance.

Optionally available: the comfortable, hydraulically-actuated slide offset.