PowerCompactor with SmartCut:


• 1.25 m working width • 72 (36 pairs) sharpened wing blades, arranged in 4 rows • Rotor speed 3,400 rpm. PowerCompactor: extended and reliable operation without emptying! With the PowerCompactor, the Profihopper opens up a new class in efficiency. The PowerCompactor features a collection auger system that consists of longitudinal and cross conveyor augers, allowing the Profihopper, in comparison with other mowers, a higher conveying capacity and thus forward speeds, even in tall grass. Immediately after collection the cuttings are compressed via the auger conveyor system and collected in the hopper. Thanks to this compression, 1,000 l of uncompressed cuttings can be fitted into the 730 l collection hopper. This principle increases the hopper capacityy by almost 50%. So, compared with a usual mower, the hopper capacity of the Profihopper is approximately 1,000 l. Time losses due to hopper emptying are reduced immediately by 50 % and simultaneously the efficiency of both machine and manpower is increased. Benefits of the PowerCompactor • High conveying capacity allows maximum mowing efficiency • Substantial compaction of the hopper contents means up to 1,000 l of cutting capacity • Optimisation of the fuel consumption by the perfect teamwork of engine power and forward speed AMAZONE SmartCut exact cut rotor The outstanding feature of the rotor is the specific V-shaped arrangement of the knives resulting in an improved performance both when cutting and collecting; and at a reduced noise level. For this innovation, AMAZONE was awarded a Silver Medal by the Innovations Jury at Demopark 2013. Benefits of the SmartCut exact cut rotor • Precise and clean cutting in one pass • Improved collection quality • Reduced noise levels • Quick and easy knife change • Good for the operator and the environment: the delivery system does not require any air assistance and in this way operates at low noise levels and is virtually dust-free.