Profis weighing technology – Who weighs wins!


No calibration. Just enter the spread rate and drive off! There is nothing simpler.

The weighing system offers controlled comfort as well as peace of mind. It works on-line to determine the different characteristics of the material to be spread via two 200 Hz weigh cells with the highest degree of measuring accuracy. It automatically compares the actual applied rate with the pre-determined rate. Deviations in flow behaviour, such as, for example with blended mineral fertilisers, are detected and the spreader automatically re-adjusts via the electric metering slides. The quantity applied is also precisely documented for the purpose of site-specific nutritional application. The application rate can be changed at the touch of a button via the ISOBUS terminal to provide a balanced nutrient supply.

  1. Weighing frame
  2. Horizontally aligned tie rods
  3. Weigh cells