The new AmaTron4 ISOBUS terminal offers intuitive, tablet-like operation. The 8.4" touch screen is bright, clear and reflection-free and the  button area disappears when not being used to allow the full screen area to be utilised.  The machine view can be swiped across to the GPS screen for a quick check up on any on-going task. The clever bit is the machine function keys, which can be programmed to suit an individual user, can be displayed on the GPS view for convenient control and monitoring. The AmaTron4 brings with it the Amazone dashboard principle, where all the important machine information - application rate, speed, section control status, task area, etc. are all displayed in the GPS view. 

Twin USB ports and the no cost option of the TC-Geo GPS-Maps&Doc licence makes light work of VRA tasks either as a shape file or ISO-XML 

The intuitive AmaTron4

With AmaTron Connect, a wireless hotspot is generated so as to be able to communicate with the myAmaRouter App as well as the AmaTron Twin App which mirrors the AmaTron 4 GPS-view on a simple tablet to act as a secondary screen. This makes for a cheap two-screen option for those wanting to see both views at once.

When it comes to SectionControl, then nobody does it better.  The 128 section shut-off with dynamicSpread enables individual sprayer nozzle shut-off on, for instance, a 40 m sprayer boom as well as perfect matching tramline to tramline when fertiliser spreading with a ZA-TS in short work and on the headland. Even the new HeadlandControl software stops those half-moon lights and darks on the ins and outs of the main field work.

And to get you started on the ladder of perfect, comfortable and intuitive control of any new AMAZONE ISOBUS spreader or sprayer purchased with an AmaTron4 before 20th February 2021, then GPS-Switch basic, with a normal retail cost of £1,015 and its up to 16 part-width sections built in, will be loaded for free.

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