Pass by pass, accurate drilling systems from the combination world champions

The perfect sowing combination for any farm – and everything from the one squad!

Our goal is to create AMAZONE drills and soil tillage tools that work tirelessly together as a team bringing you the results that win when it comes to profitability.:

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Benefit now from stock machines that can be delivered ready for the spring sowing season through your AMAZONE sales partner. For more information, please phone 01302 755725.

£75/row for 75 years of AMAZONE drills

To celebrate our 75th anniversary of selling seed drills, Amazone are offering a £75 per row saving across the complete drill range.

Eligibility for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024 (FETF)

Amazone has a range of direct drills and hoes eligible under the new FETF government grant scheme. These include our Cayena, Primera DMC, Condor and Precea drills as well as our Schmotzer Venterra and Select hoes.