AMAZONE's 3C range covers an extensive line-up of compact disc harrows, mulch tine cultivators and disc and tine combination cultivators as well as its trailed solo seeders, minimum disturbance cultivator drills, direct drills and tine seeders.

And for a limited period there are some very special offers on this 3C range:

Buy now, pay January 2021*

To fit in with arable farming cash flows, the first payment can be deferred until January 2021 and then either two annual payments at 0% or three annual payments of 1% based on 50% of the RRP

Free equipment upgrades

On top of this attractive finance offer, all 3C models will also come with an enhanced level of specification at no additional cost:

The Catros & Certos compact disc harrows come in a variety of disc diameters from 460 smooth through to 660 mm serrated and in working widths from  2.5 to 12. 0 metres depending on the application, crop residue levels and farm size. The new CatrosXL can be equipped out front with the optional straw harrow, Crushboard or Knife roller. The free hydraulic depth control means that the optimum depth of work is maintained to maximise the stale seedbed benefits

C-Mix HD shares as seen from different angles.

The new Ceus disc and tine mulch cultivator offers the best in comfort and versatility. Depth control of the up-front compact disc harrow and the rear deep loosening tines is controlled from the tractor seat via double-acting spool valves ensuring the depth is always at an optimum to ensure the perfect incorporation and loosening without wasting fuel and pulling power by being over-deep. The Cenius and Ceus cultivators both enjoy an upgrade to HD points for free which is worth up to £2,000 retail depending on the model, choice of point and working width.

Präzisionsbewirtschaftung (1) Cirrus6003-2_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_1092_d1_161216_Applikationskarte
Cirrus 6003-2

On the 3C drill front, the ever-popular Cayena trailed tine seeder has a reputation for perfect establishment in min-till, direct and conventional applications where the combination of TineTeC HD chisel openers followed by the Exact harrow to fill in the seed slot and then the wedge ring tyres that consolidate just the seeding zone to leave plenty of loose soil to ensure good rain infiltration and oxygenation. The new triple-shoot Cirrus can place three different seed types at three different depths and work to multiple application VRA maps. The three hoppers can be used for under-root fertilisation, in-row fertilisation, multiple variety cover crop mixes or under-sowing grass seed. The Citan solo trailed drills are available in 8, 9, 12 and 15 m working widths. The Cayena comes with a free set of pre-emergence markers worth £1,435 retail, as does the Cirrus trailed cultivator drill, Primera direct drill and the Condor tine seeder.

For my information on these great deals and flexible fiance offers then please talk to your local AMAZONE dealer or ring the 3C Hotline on 01302 755725