Robust turnover mechanism


The turnover mechanism is designed around a 130 mm diameter hollow shaft equipped with two equally large, high-quality, robust taper roller bearings. These are sealed against dirt ingress and can be lubricated to ensure a high longevity. Thanks to the hollow shaft, the hydraulic hoses can be neatly routed through the tube, ensuring a damage-free turn over procedure. The turnover mechanism is equipped with a one-piece sprung cross shaft which provides a very good damping function and so clearly reduces the strain on the lift linkage of the tractor. This is enabled by two pivoting bearings located on the right and left hand side of the cross shaft which safely absorb any shocks. 2 mounting positions of the lower link cross shaft allow the optimum matching to tyres and the lifting height of the tractor. Three positions for the top link attachment to the headstock ensure also the optimal lifting characteristics. If the top link is attached in one of the two slotted holes, then perfect adaptation to the ground and the maintenance of the preselected working depth is ensured.