RoTeC pro coulter for Citan 12001-C and Citan 15001-C


The 400 mm diameter discs and the infinitely-variable coulter pressure of up to 65 kg, which is directly applied at the sowing coulter, are the guarantee for an even seed placement and a smooth coulter run, even at highest sowing speeds up to 16 km/h. The required sowing depth is set by the depth limiting and cleaning disc on the coulter itself. The special shallow sowing disc ensures a perfect depth control on light soils, carrying the coulter over a wider contact area. This has a positive effect as the coulters can be operated with a subsequently higher coulter pressure helping the coulter to run more smoothly. The coulter pressure itself is exactly matched to the RoTeC pro system. This negates the need for any mechanical limitation and the contour following ability of the coulter remains unrestricted. The precise adjustment of the RoTeC pro coulter is carried out by utilising one of these four settings. Moreover, if required, the depth guidance disc can be removed and so, in addition, the coulter run can be improved where there is much straw and under hard conditions. Depending on the machine model, row spacings of either 12.5 cm or 16.6 cm are available.