Safe metering drive


1.) The electric metering drive comes as standard on the AD-P, whereas on the Avant as an option, and is controlled by AMATRON 3 or by any other ISOBUS terminal or AMADRILL+. In conjunction with the electric drive, calibration is comfortable and fully automated. The electric drive also offers additional functions such as, for instance, the pre-metering of the seed in field corners and the increase and decrease of the seed rate during operation. The AD-P features different signal sources for detection of the speed. In addition to the radar sensor, impulse wheel or GPS signal, also the speed signal of the tractor can be utilised 2.) Quick emptying: The emptying of the seed hopper is done quickly and easily via the quick emptying device which is attached well accessible on the hopper. 3.) Emptying of residual amounts: For emptying any residual amounts, a slide is opened and the hopper contents emptied into the large calibration tray. 4.) Easy exchange of the metering cassettes: The cassettes of the seed metering system can easily be exchanged. This allows the precise metering of all seed types and seed rates with excellent distribution along the row even at high forward speeds.