Seed embedment with WS Suffolk coulters for drilling after the plough


Robust and precise: The WS coulter is particularly suitable for single-pass ploughing and sowing, or if there is only a little straw, e.g. after rape or turnips. The hard cast coulter tip enjoys an enormous service life. For larger farms with hardwearing soils, the quick coulter tip change, where replacement is necessary, is possible by removing just one bolt.

The 3-row layout and the large coulter stagger prevent blockages in amongst the coulters. A funnel in the coulter guides the seed precisely down into the coulter tip. The back-up flap prevents the coulter outlet from being blocked when the machine is set down.

For WS suffolk coulters, the row spacing is 12.5 cm.

  1. Coulter backup flap
  2. Cast metal coulter tip