The use of skimmers ensures blockage-free ploughing, even under the most difficult of conditions. The following skimmers are available:

  • M0 Skimmer 
    The M0 skimmer is universally suited for use in grassland ploughing as well as where there are large amounts of crop residues, especially maize straw.
  • G1 Skimmer 
    The use of the G1 skimmer ensures blockage-free ploughing, especially on heavy and sticky ground or when ploughing grassland for the first time.
  • M3 Skimmer 
    Optimum performance with extreme crop residues (especially maize straw), recommended only in conjunction with large point to point clearances of 105 or 115 cm. Not available for NonStop stone safety ploughs.

  • All-round adjustable version (working depth, stepless height and pull-in force adjustment and three-position throwing angle adjustment) optionally available for the M0 and G1 skimmers and included as standard with the M3 skimmer.