SmartCenter – Centralised and comfortable actuation


The AMAZONE Precis metering system with integrated hopper inserts ensures minimum residual amounts and even sowing. The seed shaft is driven either mechanically by the land wheel drive or, as an option, electrically via ElectricDrive. Across a wide range of seeds, an outstanding consistency of distribution is ensured. The centralised calibration flap makes for an easy changeover from calibration to drilling.

1. Bottom flap adjustment
2. Calibration flap adjustment
3. Calibration button
4. Calibration trays
5. Coulter pressure adjustment (only for the Cataya Super)
6. Placement depth (only for the Cataya Super with TwinTeC)

“The SmartCenter has been inspiring. For calibration one opens the large access door on the side and finds there everything one needs. [...] Fantastic.“
(“profi” Practice test with Cataya 3000 Super till and drill combination · 07/2018)