SmartCenter of the UXSuper


SmartCenter centralised operator station – including the induction bowl

The SmartCenter centralised operator station means that operation has never been so easy and comfortable. The SmartCenter with the induction bowl and the complete operator station including filling connections for suction and pressure filling are conveniently located centrally at the front and protected by the left-hand cover. The hood prevents dirt ingress and provides easy accessibility.

Advantages of the SmartCenter:

  • 2 dustproof storage compartments on the left-hand side – for added space and tidiness
  • 240 l lockable dustproof storage compartment with a removable intermediate shelf on the right-hand side
  • High-performance 60 l induction bowl
  • Optional LED lighting

"The huge storage compartment on the right is dustproof and even illuminated as an option - excellent!"
("profi" - "Practice test Amazone UX 4201 Super" · 02/2020)

"The induction bowl has an enormous suction capacity and the filling speed is an impressive 705 l/min using the tandem pump and venturi. "
("profi" - "Practice test Amazone UX 4201 Super" · 02/2020)