Soft Ballistic System pro

Mineral fertilisers require an especially gentle treatment to ensure a precise distribution and accurate transport to the crop. Fertiliser which has been already damaged in the spreader can no longer be reliably distributed. As a safety feature, AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System pro is integrated as standard. This means that the agitator, metering components and spreading discs are all optimally matched thus protecting the fertiliser and ensuring better yields. 1. Gentle guidance The electrically driven star agitators in the hopper bottoms ensure an even fertiliser delivery onto the spreading discs. The slowly rotating, star shaped segments of the agitator evenly deliver the fertiliser to the relevant outlet opening. When the delivery system is adjusted, the agitator star rotates as well so that it is always perfectly positioned above the aperture. The agitator switches off automatically when the shutter slide is closed. 2. Gentle delivery Due to the delivery system, adjustment to the throwing width and throwing direction can be regulated. In addition, the working width can be adjusted each side individually by changing the disc speed. The fertiliser is fed on centrally at a low peripheral speed resulting in little fertiliser damage. The concentric delivery system adjustment results always in a gentle treatment of the fertiliser. 3. Gentle acceleration With a standard disc speed from 600 rpm up to 900 rpm, the AMAZONE‘s Soft Ballistic System pro gently accelerates the fertiliser. Even fertiliser types with minimal breaking strength maintain their spreading properties and provide a clean, even spread pattern. 4. Gentle ejection With the AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System pro, as little energy as possible is given to the fertiliser for an optimum trajectory and a precise spread pattern. So, the spreading vanes are optimally adjusted to a laid-back position.