Solid roller


In general: on loose and light soils solid rollers carry better than open rollers. In addition, solid rollers tend to suffer from less blockages. Exactly for this reason on the wedge ring and Matrix wedge ring rollers, the rubber rings are fitted to a solid tube. When the rings sink into the loose soil, the tube carries the weight across the entire length.

The sticking of any dirt, capping or blockages is not an issue!

"With the large diameter wedge ring roller we achieved a very good operational performance on medium to heavy soils under a variety of conditions and, last but not least, due also to the (rubber dampened) levelling board."
("profi" 8-2013 · Test report AMAZONE KG 6001-2 rotary cultivator)

  1. Air cushion shock absorber
  2. Metal insert for maximum ruggedness and a perfect fit
  3. Spacer ring with dirt-repellent surface