SwingStop – for reducing the horizontal boom movement


For matching the horizontal boom ride to the increasing demands, such as, for example, wider working widths and higher forward speeds, AMAZONE offers, as an option for the ContourControl boom guidance system, the active SwingStop boom tip movement prevention. By external influences, such as ground undulations, driving round bends, acceleration and deceleration and increasing operating speeds the boom is extraordinarily strained in horizontal direction. This may result in the boom ends swinging round and thus negatively affecting the lateral distribution at the outer ends of the booms. As horizontal movement occurs more at the boom ends, this effect is increased enormously by wider boom widths. To reduce this horizontal swing -effect, SwingStop measures, via acceleration sensors, the resulting acceleration at the boom ends. The two actively--operating hydraulic rams in the boom suspension compensate live for these swing movements and in this way provide a very smooth horizontal boom ride. The benefits of SwingStop: • Reduction of the horizontal boom movement • A system that operates very quickly, elegantly and precisely • Highest performance and outstanding precision