SynCult slurry distributor


The direct incorporation of liquid manure during application offers huge benefits regarding the efficiency of nutrients and avoiding environmental harm. So, combining a liquid manure distributor with the AMAZONE compact disc harrow makes sure that regulations are fulfilled by the immediate incorporation of liquid manure after application.

In combination with Vogelsang, the SynCult liquid manure distributor has been developed. Using a galvanised Adapter frame, the distributor and the pipe routing for the liquid manure system are rigidly mounted above the first disc row of the Catros. Special galvanised flange plates on the disc bracket provide a solid fixing and an ideal positioning of the pipes. The liquid manure is delivered via the front disc row into the cultivated surface left by the discs. With the following second disc row, the organic manure is well mixed in and covered by the soil. So, the distributor combines superbly with the soil tillage.