The comfortable upper class


The standard equipment of the Catros-2TS trailed models in 4 m up to 6 m working widths includes a bogey Chassis with drawbar. Catros-2TS models travel more smoothly, because during operation, the running gear folds completely over the centre frame. In addition, and especially in hard conditions, the weight of the running gear can be utilised to aid soil penetration. As standard, the Catros-2TS features a vibration damping system that results in a very smooth travel, even under the toughest of conditions. The Catros-2TS offers a high operational flexibility, yet with a low lifting power requirement. When equipped with an air braking system, all trailed compact disc harrows are permitted to travel at 40 km/h. (Please observe country-specific traffic regulations.) An additional benefit is their operational flexibility as numerous possible following rollers are available.   

  • Catros/Catros+ 4002-2TS 4.0 m working width
  • Catros/Catros+ 5002-2TS 5.0 m working width
  • Catros/Catros+ 6002-2TS 6.0 m working width