The concept - for extensive arable farming systems


The AMAZONE Condor is the ideal machine for operation in arable farming systems where there has been a minimum of prior soil tillage and in direct sowing. Especially in large arable areas, where time and soil moisture are the limiting factors, the Condor stands for high work rates, precision and water conservation. The low pulling power requirement in relation to its working width just helps significantly in reducing the financial costs in these most extensive arable farming systems. The machine concept of the Condor has been developed to meet the demand for further reductions in sowing intensity in the wider working widths of more than 9 m, with a wide row spacing and minimally invasive seed placement. The seed drill is offered in working widths of 12 and 15 m. With the exceptional folding concept, it is also possible for the Condor, from its working width of 15 m, to fold in to a remarkable transport width of only 3 m.