The ED 9000-KR and ED 12000-KR – The highest output potential at a favourable price


The ED 9000-KR and ED 12000-KR precision air speeders are trailed combinations of three individual seed drills mounted on the KR trailed carrier system. Each machine travels on its own running gear and in this way can contour follow very flexibly even in extreme soil undulations. The trailed carrier system can be pulled by tractors in the 180 kW (240 HP) class. The three seed drills also come with “Liftpack” systems for transport and for turning at the edge of the field. The very robust track markers leave a mark for the tractor centre and, at changeover over, the marker arms are folded up into the vertical position. Both Classic and Contour sowing units are available. For maize execution, a row spacing of either 70 cm or 75 can be selected whereas, for beans, the row spacings of 45 cm and 50 cm are available. The sowing units are monitored by the AMASCAN+ on-board computer. The outer machines are swivelled in towards the main frame for transport. In the folded position, the transport width is approximately 5.80 m. For operation of the machine, three double-acting tractor spool valves are required. The KR 9002/12002 trailed carrier system offers versatile possibilities of application and thus can be operated especially economically. As an alternative, the coupling frame can be equipped with the D9 seed drill or with the Catros compact disc harrow.