The high performance seed drill – especially for low rainfall regions and large acreages


The parallelogram guided sowing openers of the AMAZONE Primera DMC with their ‘on-grip’ DURA chisel tips ensure a clean seed furrow for better soil contact and the most accurate maintenance of the placement depth. The following double roller provides good re-coverage of the seed furrow. Optimum seed/soil contact and accurate sowing depth are preconditions for uniform crop establishment. The REVOMAT overload safety device ensures a damage-free sowing operation even in stony soils. Seed coverage is optimised by the hoop ring rollers and the Exact following harrow or the Roller exact harrow. The combined application of seed and fertiliser is available as an option. Under some conditions the plough still cannot be completely abandoned but even under this conventional cultivation regime and after a secondary seedbed preparation the Primera DMC can be used as effectively. Advantages of the Primera DMC: • Profitable crop production in times of increasing production costs and changing farm sizes • Fulfils all environmental considerations and reduces nitrate leaching • Reduces machinery and operating costs • Conservation and soil saving cultivation system • Reduces soil erosion • Reduces soil water losses • Stabilises soil structure • Higher straw degradation and drainage ability