The seed hopper


From choice, the Centaya Super can be specified with either a 1,600 l or with a 2,000 l seed hopper. Via the steps and loading board, the hopper, which is made from plastic, can be easily accessed from the left hand side of the machine. The hopper is positioned well forward and thus offers an optimum centre of gravity right up against the tractor. Thanks to the deep hopper tip and steep hopper walls, the seed is consistently delivered to the metering system. Additionally, this design means that only small residual amounts are left in the hopper.

The benefits:

  • Large seed hopper with spacious hopper opening
  • Optimum machine centre of gravity
  • Convenient access, ideal also for filling with sacks or via a front end loader bucket
  • Roll-over cover – quick and safe
  • A roll-over cover closes the hopper opening clean and tight. When the cover is opened up it rolls back taking up little space.