The tine section for deep loosening


The following tine section makes possible loosening of the deeper soil layers down to 30 cm. However, also a shallow operation is possible so that, under moist, heavy conditions, the share tips run just beneath the working depth of the disc harrow. In this way, the soil horizon is loosened and a rougher structure in the soil is created noticeably reducing the danger of capping on these types of soil.

For use on the tine section, the entire AMAZONE C-Mix share system is available. With its row spacing of approximately 40 cm, the Ceus proves to be especially easy to pull and with a simultaneous good passage of organic matter, even when deep loosening. The C-Mix-Super tine is equipped with an overload safety protection with a release force of 600 kg. For carrying out just shallow stubble cultivation, the tine section can be raised out of work completely and the machine operated just with the front disc section.