The top benefits:

+ Particularly precise placement due to low drop height of 10 and 14 cm + Numerous singling discs for a great number of seeds ensure the optimum performance + The wedge-shaped furrow prevents displacement of the seed + Reliable seed coverage in all soils, thanks to different embedding tools + Rear or front hopper for the optimum weight distribution at large working widths + Single seeding combined with fertiliser application, from choice with mechanical or electric drive + 4 to 12 sowing units, each of 60 l, and fertiliser hoppers from 900 to 2,000 l ensure high acreage outputs + Comfortable matching of the application rates on the move from the tractor cab + Micro plus pneumatic micro-granular applicator for the application of micro-granules and micro-fertiliser + Hydraulically-driven and integrated filling auger for the filling with all types of fertiliser