Top benefits of the AMATRON 3 operator terminal

+ AMATRON 3 is downward compatible to all AMATRON+ machinery which you may own already or intend to purchase. + At the same time the AMATRON 3 is compatible with all ISOBUS equipment and forms a bridge between the NON-ISOBUS and the ISOBUS world without having to exchange the terminal. + The AMATRON 3 enables you to simultaneously operate several ISOBUS machines. Via the "toggle button" you just switch between the implements. + The standard Task Controller allows the processing of application maps in the ISO-XML format, both in AMABUS and ISOBUS mode. + Task Controller allows data exchange with a farm management software package on the farm PC. For this, the standardised ISO-XML format is used. Needless to say, the proven ASD interface is still available.    + The following options are pre-installed for a 50 hour test period: - GPS-Switch – the GPS based, automated headland and part-width section shut-off for compatible machinery. - GPS-Track – the easy to operate, GPS based parallel driving aid which can also be operated in a standalone mode. - GPS-Maps – the additional module which allows the GPS-based processing of application maps in the shape format, either in AMABUS or ISOBUS mode. + Back lid keys. + High contrast display.