Top features:

+ Precise spread patterns of up to 54 m working width with up to 128 part-width sections + Maximum work rates with outputs of 650 kg/min and operational speeds of up to 30 km/h + The deep-drawn base hopper without edges and corners ensures the lowest residues and easy cleaning + Precise monitoring and control of the application rate via the 200 Hz weighing technology and tilt sensor + Soft Ballistic System pro (SBS pro) for an especially gentle handling of fertilisers and less fertiliser damage + AutoTS and ClickTS, the disc-integrated border spreading system, electric or manual + Electrically-driven and fertiliser protecting agitation system with automatic shut-off + Automatic adjustment of the lateral distribution via ArgusTwin – possibly the most comfortable way of spreading fertiliser + Compact, tight-fitting and operator-friendly roll-over hopper cover or simple swivel hopper cover + FertiliserService, top-class quality, unique service with more than 25 years’ experience