Top features

+ Lift capacity optimised design with favourable centre of gravity mounting + The clever quick coupling system and comfortable parking device make for easy mounting + The enclosed SmartCenter and integrated, dust-tight storage compartment prevents any contamination + SmartCenter: tailored operator valve chests – from the intuitively-operated Standard-Pack through to the Comfort-Pack with TwinTerminal 3.0 + The high-performance induction bowl with a suction capacity of up to 150 l/min ensures the minimum fill times and a homogeneous spray agent mixture + High-performance self-priming, low maintenance piston diaphragm pump for large application rates even at high spray pressures + Outstanding, multi-facet spring suspension for a smooth boom ride + DUS and DUS pro pressure recirculation systems for a continuous circulation of the spray liquid + 50 cm part-width sections thanks to the AmaSwitch electric individual nozzle control + Automatic cleaning programme for perfect cleaning results under all conditions + With FlowControl+ and the FT front tank, the capacity can be extended up to 3000 litres – for even more output