Top features

+ Low transport height and overall compact transport dimensions through an innovative tank and boom design + Light, compact, manoeuvrable – compact design and axle steering with a steering angle up to 28° + Dustproof storage compartments on the left and right hand side + Tailored SmartCenter operator solutions – from the intuitively-operated Standard-Pack up to the Comfort-Pack plus with pressure sensitive touch screen. Anything is possible! + High-capacity, self-priming, low maintenance piston diaphragm pumps with a delivery capacity up to 520 l ensure high application rates even at high spray pressures + DistanceControl fully automatic boom guidance + For difficult terrain conditions: - CountourControl active boom guidance for the optimum vertical boom guidance - SwingStop active boom tip swing compensation to reduce horizontal boom movements + DUS or DUS pro pressure recirculation systems ensure continuous circulation of the spray agent + 50 cm part-width sections and optimum nozzle choice thanks to the electric AmaSwitch and AmaSelect individual nozzle control + Automatic wash-out programmes for perfect cleaning results under all conditions