TwinTeC+ coulter – The high-output double disc coulter

TwinTeC+-Schar – Das leistungsfähige Doppelscheibenschar (1) TwinTecPlus_Scharstriegel_112_d1_190913

Smooth running, rugged and maintenance free: Using the high output TwinTeC+ coulter, AMAZONE equips the Cirrus with one of the most robust and most precise double disc coulters around. Thanks to its coulter pressure of up to 100 kg and its very good cutting performance, the TwinTeC+ double disc coulter also manages very well in hard and cloddy seedbed conditions. The basic body and the coulter bearing shell, made from forged steel, are equipped with sufficient reserves even under the most arduous of operating conditions. Due to the high coulter pressure of the TwinTeC+ double disc coulter, the sowing performance is very precise even under mulch sowing conditions with a very high proportion of organic matter in the seedbed. Thanks to the innovative coulter pressure adjustment via an oil circuit, the coulter pressure is maintained even in very hilly terrain so that the pre-set sowing depth is safely maintained.

The TwinTeC+ double disc coulter is completely maintenance- free and thus fulfils highest demands.

TwinTeC+ double disc coulter (cross-section)
1. Internal scrapers
2. Hydraulic coulter pressure setting from 0 to 100 kg
3. Exchangeable seed guidance
4. Maintenance-free bearings, no lubrication points on maintenance-free coulter
5. Double disc ∅ 380 mm, angle of 10°
6. Guide extension
7. Seed catcher
8. Coulter harrow with adjustable angle
9. Wheel carrier with Control+ depth control roller in widths of 50, 65 or 75 mm