TwinTeC coulter – The high-performance double disc coulter for the Cataya Super


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Precise high-performance at up to 60 kg coulter pressure
Equipped with the high-performance TwinTeC coulter, the seed drill offers a precise and robust double disc coulter. With a disc diameter of 340 mm, the coulter provides very precise and tidy seed placement at a coulter pressure of 60 kg, even at higher speeds and on inconsistent soils. Thanks to the parallelogram guidance of the coulter, the coulter pressure and the placement depth can be adjusted independently, so that optimum seed placement is ensured. The coulter impresses with its smooth running, even under the most difficult of conditions.

Advantages of the TwinTeC double disc coulter 

Central setting of the sowing depth

A depth guidance roller behind each TwinTeC coulter provides precise depth guidance thus ensuring that the placement depth of each individual TwinTeC coulter is maintained. Thanks to the large coulter clearance of 195 mm and the linkage to the depth guidance roller via the top guided roller carrier, sufficient space remains, meaning that blockage-free operation is possible. Due to the low angle of attack of the sowing discs of 10°, excellent material passage is ensured even at high forward speeds and with large amounts of crop residues.

There is a choice of two different depth guidance rollers. The Control 50 mm depth guidance roller has a high through passage and is ideal for heavy ground with good carrying capacity. On the other hand, the Control 65 mm depth guidance roller offers a higher carrying capacity, which is ideal for lighter soil types.

Easy and quick – mechanical coulter pressure adjustment

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Central infinitely-variable mechanical coulter pressure adjustment with scale on Cataya Super

Infinitely-variable adjustment of the coulter pressure is possible thanks to the mechanical coulter pressure adjustment. The TwinTeC double disc coulter and the RoTeC coulter can be adjusted centrally from the SmartCenter. On the TwinTeC double disc coulter it is also possible, for instance, in the area around the tractor wheels, to increase the coulter pressure by a further 6 kg using additional tension springs.

Standard for the Cataya Special and the Cataya Super

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Hydraulic coulter lift of the Cataya Special
The hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment enables the coulter pressure to be adjusted conveniently from the tractor cab. The coulter can also be lifted by up to 145 mm. The coulter lift is an extremely useful option for working in field corners.

Everything under control with the comfort hydraulic system for the Cataya Super

The special comfort hydraulic system for the Cataya Super enables the control of the hydraulic functions of coulter pressure, coulter lift and following harrow lift, if fitted, via the tractor terminal. Technically, just one tractor spool valve is be required.

Advantages of the comfort hydraulics