ZA-V Profis Hydro: The hydraulically-driven ISOBUS spreader


The ZA-V programme is upgraded and supplemented with the hydraulically-driven ZA-V Hydro. With the ZA-V Hydro, the “Profis” weighing technology and the ISOBUS communication come as standard. The hydraulic spreading disc drive enables side, border and water course spreading to either side. For spreading at the field’s side the switching over between these individual functions on the move is possible. In case the pre-set disc speed for the accurate spreading at the side does not suit it can be adjusted via the terminal on the move. These changes are then automatically stored in the terminal for the relevant border situation. In addition to a fertiliser-saving, simply interchangeable and adjustable spreading at the field’s border, the ZA-V Hydro also provides the benefit that this spreader operates completely independently from the tractor engine speed thus saving fuel. For spreading in short work and in wedges, the ZA-V Hydro in total can actuate 16 part-width sections in automatic mode via the AMAZONE GPS-Switch section control software or 8 part-width sections in manual mode.