40 years of AMAZONE Ltd.

Success story in Great Britain

Dr. Justus Dreyer, Christian Dreyer, Bettina Dreyer, Simon Brown (Managing Director of AMAZONE Ltd.), Andreas Hemeyer (Managing Director Sales, Marketing, After Sales)


The sales of AMAZONE agricultural machinery in Great Britain has enjoyed a long tradition. Curtis & Padwick took over the representation in Great Britain for the products of AMAZONEN-WERKE as our importer as early as 1960. At that time, this company was a regional representative of Claas in Harsewinkel. This worked very well for some years and several thousand AMAZONE ZA twin disc fertiliser spreaders were sold. After the contract expired, Taskers, a long-established company based in Andover took over as our importer. Taskers had manufactured a number of agricultural machines including traction engines. The Taskers sales manager responsible for AMAZONE was Rod Baker.

When Taskers had a prolonged weak phase, we decided to found AMAZONE Ltd. together with Mr Baker in 1983. We started on a decommissioned military airfield called Cuckoo Copse in Lambourn Woodlands. Our first employee was Simon Brown. We gradually took on more trained staff and the business developed very quickly in a positive manner in the early years.

In 1989 we finally decided to buy land in Harworth near Doncaster and set up our own premises with a warehouse, spare parts store, office and training facilities. This investment also developed very successfully. Our first employee, Simon Brown, was to become the managing director.

However, the premises in Harworth also became too small over time, so we decided to buy a property called Orchard Farm and build a new, larger location with spacious facilities and 12 hectares of land for trials and demonstrations.

Sales now reach new record levels every year. Fortunately, Great Britain offers huge potential, and we are in the process of further optimising our market share with AMAZONE machinery, in order to be able to continue the success story for a long time to come.