A success story in Latvia

30 years of SIA AMAZONE:

The two owners of SIA AMAZONE: Mrs Baiba Mikala (top row third from left) and her husband Arvis Mikals (top row second from right) with some of their team and Mr Jens Meißner (Export Manager AMAZONEN-WERKE)

The Mikals family has been shaping the agricultural sector in Latvia for three decades. What once began as a modest agricultural business has developed over several years into the impressive SIA AMAZONE group of companies. The company consists of an agricultural machinery sales organisation, the agricultural company SIA UPESKALNI AB and a training division. At an early stage of the company's development, Managing Director Arvis Mikals crossed paths with our export manager for the Baltic States, Mr Jens Meißner. We were proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary together with SIA AMAZONE in October 2023. The anniversary celebrations began with an open day, which included an impressive machine demonstration at the Brankas branch. This was later followed by an evening event in Riga with around 200 invited guests. Among them were farmers, representatives of the press and even Jānis Dūklavs, Latvia's former Minister of Agriculture, who is very popular in the country. We ourselves were represented by our factory representative for the Baltic States, Mr Hardijs Grabovskis and Mr Jens Meißner. 

Presentation of a certificate for the loyal and long-standing cooperation: from Mr Meißner (right) to Mr Mikals (left).

In a moving speech, Mr Meißner paid tribute to the 30-year success story of SIA AMAZONE. The close partnership has led to the sale of around 4,000 AMAZONE machines in recent years.

Today's anniversary not only marks a milestone for SIA AMAZONE, but also the joint success of commitment, innovation and partnership in Latvian agriculture.