Amazone in the Western world: Growth in the USA and Canada

The Amazone range at Machinerie Serge Lemay Inc. in Warwick, Canada

America has long since been promised to be ‘the land of unlimited possibilities’. For Amazone, at any rate, business in the USA and Canada in 2019 was excellent. AMAZONE INC. increased its sales in these markets by 40% by tapping into new markets and establishing new cooperative relationships. A partnership with Claas dealers (Canada West Harvest Centre and MirTech) was launched in the USA and western Canada, for example. Both companies’ product ranges complement each other perfectly.

The training and further education of our own sales partners, with whom we have a close relationship, forms the basis of sustainable economic success, which is why Jérémie Messerli and Hugo Labonte trained both established and new dealers in Quebec. The purpose of this endeavour was also to improve

Julius Dallmeyer on the ZG-TS 10001 truck – which is used to spread mainly nitrogen, potash and phosphorus – in Ontario, Canada.

how sales figures are recorded. Eight partner companies in total were trained during this educational campaign. Julius Dallmeyer, Samuel Bailey and Marc Heater received plenty of praise from the new dealers for both the training activities and improved support for the cooperative relationship. Lyne Blanchard, who has contributed significantly to this growth and particularly proved her worth by introducing the ‘Sage Bäurer B7’ computer software for Canada, deserves special mention at this point.

We will continuously expand our network of American dealers and take on additional cooperation partners. More detailed information will be announced in due course.