Amazone field trials: New trials on the experimental farm in Wambergen


Together with AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and our subsidiary SCHMOTZER Hacktechnik, AMAZONEN-WERKE is starting long-term field trials based in Hasbergen-Gaste and located in the immediate vicinity of the main plant for a new method of cultivation, where each crop establishment measure takes place in relation to a fixed row.

The process is called "Controlled Row Farming" (CRF) and is completely new on the market. It is designed to optimise the establishment of different plants with minimal fertiliser, plant protection and mechanical passes in order to maximise the yield and promote biodiversity.

The hoeing equipment is a particularly important aspect of these trials. It is used for mechanical weed control in combination with row-specific plant protection, targeted fertiliser application and sowing of companion plants between the rows.

The trials area covers a total of 10 hectares, all crops are grown at a row spacing of 50 cm, whereby cereals are sown in double rows.

Trials project members (from left to right): Franz Schulze Eilfing from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, Farmer Hanno Haselroth and Stefan Kiefer from AMAZONEN-WERKEN

Two CRF trial variants were created to reflect standard methods of modern land management. One of the trials is focused on profitability, which means it was designed to achieve the highest possible yield with minimum inputs. Biodiversity was the main priority in the second trial, whereby fertilisation and spraying were significantly reduced, which could ultimately lead to a possible reduction in yield but would increase overall biodiversity.

We are excited to be collaborating closely with our subsidiary SCHMOTZER Hacktechnik and AGRAVIS and are looking forward to seeing the results.