Andrea and Ansgar are AMAZONE fans

AMAZONE connected professionally and privately

Farm buildings in Damme

Hof große Austing in Damme is an important partner farm of AMAZONEN-WERKE. In cooperation with the Schröder company in Ihorst near Holdorf, AMAZONE organised a collaborative field evening here in August 2022, at which a wide range of AMAZONE machinery for precision crop production and the latest generation of tractors from Fendt were shown in practical operation. Ansgar große Austing and his wife Andrea manage the farm and 200 hectares together with his parents. The land is mainly used to grow cereals, maize and potatoes. They also fatten pigs and bullocks and produce eggs.

Andrea große Austing-Trimpe and Ansgar große Austing with their sons, Henri and Jannis.

Andrea, who grew up on her parents' farm, started her professional career in 2000 with an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at AMAZONE and is still working part-time for the company today. After successfully completing her training, she worked in the purchasing department and as an assistant in technical development department. Alongside her professional career, she also trained as a farmer. She also represented the company as an AMAZONE model and ambassador at major events. In addition to her job, she is currently taking care of her two boys (6 and 1 year old). Her favourite hobby is still tractor driving, which she often has the opportunity to do on her farm.

Ansgar große Austing is a master agriculturist and likes to keep up to date with current themes and trends in agricultural machinery. He is particularly interested in the topic of precision farming, which will be further integrated in the farm. He is currently focusing on spreaders from AMAZONE, especially the ZA-V Profis Hydro, in order to take a further step towards the precision application of fertilisers on the farm. He enjoys spending time with his family in his spare time.

Hof große Austing is now mainly equipped with AMAZONE machinery. If you look in the buildings, you will find a Cataya harrow-mounted seed drill, a Cenius mounted cultivator, a UX 5201 trailed sprayer, a ZA-M mounted fertiliser spreader and a Precea precision air seeder, which is brand new. Ansgar and Andrea work with AMAZONE implements out of conviction. The machinery available means that nothing stands in the way of precision farming.