Streamlining is essential for life (and survival): A new way to achieve high quality – the "Quality Gate App"

Q-Gate App

At Amazone, quality always comes first. In order to identify and eliminate errors as early as the production stage, we have developed the new "Quality Gate App" as a form of digital support. The App enables users to perform an intermediate quality check in real time during the production process.

As soon as a machine has reached a certain production status, the relevant employee from the assembly team receives a detailed list of the points that need to be checked via the App. In order to do this, the employee must log on to the machine earmarked for testing, scan the individual machine barcode and load the machine-specific content stored for the test onto a smartphone. Images and text show the control points in individual "Quality Gates".

If all the points are OK, the employee documents this in the App. If any faults are identified, the employee must classify them and note them down. Photos and information can also be stored in the App. Employees usually fix any errors themselves together with their team. If more complicated problems occur, these must be communicated to the assembly manager via the App.

The new quality App for Production is another big step forward: We can use the App to identify and eliminate defects in all products and across all plants during the production process. The "Quality Gate App" takes into account the increasing complexity of our products and increasing demands for an outstanding manufacturing quality.

In order to ensure a high production quality at all our plants, we have certified our quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. In other words, we have committed ourselves to complying with the quality standards specified for our products and services as well as further improve them whenever possible. It is therefore no coincidence that we are one of the leading companies in agricultural machinery, with an export share of 80 percent. Ultimately, we hope that our technology and equipment continues to secure food and energy supplies for people in the future.