Management trio at our plough plant in Hungary delivers maximum performance

Our Hungarian plant is located in Mosonmagyaróvár in the tri-border region between Austria and Slovakia. Not far from the Danube, the successful plough range built around the Cayros is being further expanded here. Traditional values, the highest quality and a willingness to innovate characterise the plough plant, which AMAZONE took over from the well-respected company Vogel & Noot in 2016 and has further specialised since then. An experienced management trio, which is further improving a highly efficient production process with a great deal of creativity, dedication and expertise, is ultimately behind this success.

From left: Hegyi Tamas, Dr. Anikó Berényi Laczó and Balázs Polgar are the members of our experienced management team in the plough plant in Hungary.

Head of financial accounting and human resources

Dr. Anikó Berényi Laczó successfully completed her studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Budapest in 1990 before she taught at the University of Agriculture in Mosonmagyaróvár. She acquired a further diploma as an economist at the Budapest Business School in 2000 and trained as a tax consultant and accountant. She then moved to the private sector and joined the Vogel & Noot Group after working as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in the trading sector for eleven years. After the takeover by AMAZONE, she was put in charge of finance and accounting, personnel management and general administration.

Head of production and maintenance

Mr Balázs Polgar studied agricultural engineering and, after his studies, worked in agricultural enterprises for one year in the USA and six years in Ireland. With a great deal of practical experience in the bag, he switched to the family farm in 2008 and taught at the university in Gödöllo in parallel. From 2012, he worked throughout Europe as a team leader in the maintenance of power stations, oil refineries and chemical plants, before he joined AMAZONE Technology Kft. in 2017. Since then, he has been responsible for the technical area of our Hungarian plant with his considerable know-how and practical experience.

Head of operations scheduling and intralogistics

Mr Hegyi Tamas is the third member of the team. As a skilled automotive technician and turner, he started in the plough manufacturing department at Vogel & Noot in 1993. He moved to the quality assurance department in 1996, where he carried out production line tests and final inspections. In parallel, he trained in logistics, with the result that he joined operations scheduling in 2001 with the main focus on spare parts. He was appointed head of department six years later. Since the takeover by AMAZONE, he has also been responsible for intralogistics.

We are very pleased that we can rely on our Hungarian management team and hope that they will contribute to the success story of AMAZONE Werke for many years to come.