Present: the Amazone Catros in Chile

A special sight: The Amazone Catros in front of the impressive Osorno volcano

It was more than 100 years ago that Heinrich Dreyer, founder of AMAZONEN-WERKE, exported his winnowers (which already bore the ‘AMAZONE’ name at that time), to the port city of Valparaíso in Chile. In his chronicle, he recorded the motto ‘We must go out into the world’. This was very forward-looking, especially since exports from Germany – and to South America in particular – were still rather rare at that time. Nowadays, of course, the situation has changed entirely, as Amazone now exports more than 80% of its machines to over 75 countries.

So selling Amazone machines in Chile is simply continuing a long-standing tradition – while tapping into constant growth at the same time. Amazone machines have been sold very successfully in Chile for many years by our local importer, Cromaq, which is based in Osorno, in southern Chile. The city got its name from the famous Osorno volcano, which can be seen nearby. Intense and highly diverse agriculture is carried out in this region, as is also the case along Chile’s entire coast.