Optimale Furchenräumung mit dem Amazone X-Blade

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Often, when ploughing, tractors with very wide tyres are used but if standard plough bodies are utilised this results in damage to the furrow wall plus compaction of part of the just-loosened soil structure. To solve this problem, AMAZONE offers, for the C-Blade U40 universal body as fitted to the Cayron reversible plough, the new X-Blade widening share. The X-Blade is a specific mouldboard extension mounted on the last plough body and creates, on average, a 30 % wider furrow bottom..

The result of this wider furrow bottom is a clean next furrow without leaving a depression or groove in the soil profile. At the same time, the rolling resistance of the tractor tyre in the furrow is reduced so that the tractive forces are transferred at a reduced slip.

In comparison with the alternatives as found currently on the market, which equip the whole plough with wider clearing plough bodies, the X-Blade works so much more effectively.  So, the tractive force and wear are reduced because the functionality of the other bodies remains entirely unaffected by the mouldboard extension on the last body. The front bodies are still working at their optimum so that the increase of the total tractive force capacity is kept down to a minimum. The fact that there is noticeably less compacted soil in the area of the next furrow is an additional advantage of using the X-Blade.

X-Blade also provides a bigger operational flexibility. The design as an exchangeable wearing part makes the removal of the widening share simple when it is being pulled by a tractor with narrower tyres. On the other hand, when changing from narrow to wider tyres, the quick retrofitting is equally possible.

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ProfisPro – the new intelligent weighing system

The ZA-TS mounted spreaders and the ZG-TS 01 trailed spreaders are now available with the new intelligent ProfisPro weighing system. ProfisPro includes the interaction of the Profis weighing system with the new FlowControl torque measuring system. The ProfisPro intelligent weighing system means that the spread rate is optimised from the very first second of the spreading process.


Two new models added to UF02 line-up

Amazone has extended its UF 02 mounted sprayer range with two new models. The UF 1002 has a nominal volume of 1,000 litres and an actual volume of 1,100 litres, whereas the UF 1302 has a nominal volume of 1,300 litres and an actual volume of 1,400 litres. The completed UF 02 range therefore now covers tank sizes from 1,000 to 2,000 litres.


All good things come in threes: Triple-Shoot with the Cirrus-CC

Professional crop production is faced with ever greater challenges. The withdrawal of individual plant protection agents along with increasing resistance as well as extreme climatic events such as severe drought, are just a few examples which have a significant impact on agriculture. This means that the demands on modern seeding systems are continuously growing. Precise seed metering and exact depth placement therefore have top priority when it comes to ensuring high...


AMAZONE and AGRAVIS start a joint agricultural pilot project, Controlled Row Farming (CRF)

In collaboration with AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and SCHMOTZER Hacktechnik, AMAZONEN-WERKE will start new long-term field trials in 2020. Entitled "Controlled Row Farming" (CRF), a completely new arable farming system will be introduced, in which each crop cultivation measure takes place in relation to a fixed row.


CatrosXL, in widths from 4 m to 8 m

New AMAZONE compact disc harrows for mixing in large volumes of organic matter at high work rates
The new CatrosXL compact disc harrows, with bigger diameter discs, are now also available in working widths from 4 m to 8 m. They are available as a folding three-point linkage model in 4 m, 5 m and 6 m working widths, which, when optionally equipped with a drawbar and bogey chassis as the trailed TS variant, can then also be used on smaller tractors. In addition, the...

Full parts service

Service & Parts support with regard to coronavirus

Despite the current situation, we are still striving to offer a comprehensive parts and service back up. Our AfterSales team are still out and about where possible and where arrangements can be made to keep both parties safe; if not, then there is full phone availability. Weekend support by us to the dealer continues to be available with your dealer having access to this year round.


New Amazone Website

Amazone has fully revamped its on-line presence. The new website has been designed specifically from the customer's point of view and visitors are now greeted by a modern, user-friendly and clearly laid out Home page. The focal point of the new website is to meet the informational needs of customers, dealers and service staff. The clear structure of the website allows visitors to navigate quickly – for example, when searching for specific machines or specifications, or...

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New FT 1502 offers 3500 litre front and rear sprayer combination

For many years Amazone has offered the FT 1001 front tank, and with great success, and the flexibility of this concept has now been extended by the introduction of the new FT 1502. The FT 1502 front tank, when used in conjunction with the UF 02, means that the tank capacity of the UF 02 mounted sprayer is simply and conveniently extended by an additional 1,500 l.