Optimale Furchenräumung mit dem Amazone X-Blade

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Often, when ploughing, tractors with very wide tyres are used but if standard plough bodies are utilised this results in damage to the furrow wall plus compaction of part of the just-loosened soil structure. To solve this problem, AMAZONE offers, for the C-Blade U40 universal body as fitted to the Cayron reversible plough, the new X-Blade widening share. The X-Blade is a specific mouldboard extension mounted on the last plough body and creates, on average, a 30 % wider furrow bottom..

The result of this wider furrow bottom is a clean next furrow without leaving a depression or groove in the soil profile. At the same time, the rolling resistance of the tractor tyre in the furrow is reduced so that the tractive forces are transferred at a reduced slip.

In comparison with the alternatives as found currently on the market, which equip the whole plough with wider clearing plough bodies, the X-Blade works so much more effectively.  So, the tractive force and wear are reduced because the functionality of the other bodies remains entirely unaffected by the mouldboard extension on the last body. The front bodies are still working at their optimum so that the increase of the total tractive force capacity is kept down to a minimum. The fact that there is noticeably less compacted soil in the area of the next furrow is an additional advantage of using the X-Blade.

X-Blade also provides a bigger operational flexibility. The design as an exchangeable wearing part makes the removal of the widening share simple when it is being pulled by a tractor with narrower tyres. On the other hand, when changing from narrow to wider tyres, the quick retrofitting is equally possible.


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