31 Dec 2016

Amazone: Slight turnover increase in 2016

Christan+Justus Dreyer
Amazone directors Christian Dreyer and Dr. Justus Dreyer expect – if the current economic climate is maintained – a slight turnover increase also in 2017.

For the 2016 financial year, the Amazone Group achieved a turnover of 406 million Euros. In comparison with the previous year, at 402 million Euros, it means that the turnover was thus slightly higher. At the same time, this result is above average against the other German agricultural machinery manufacturers, which, according to the VDMA, registered in 2016 a drop in turnover of 2 %. In view of the difficult market conditions, Christian Dreyer and Dr. Justus Dreyer, the directors of Amazonen-Werke, regard this result as very positive. "In comparison with many of our competitors and the sector average, we are very pleased with the turnover in 2016, because the willingness of farmers and contractors to invest was, due to poor commodity prices and also less than average harvests, internationally very restrained. With our new developments we have been able to compensate for the associated weaker development of the market and so, in many areas, we have gained new customers to purchase Amazone machinery."

In Russia, Ukraine, Rumania, Spain, in the Baltic region and in Australia, their corresponding turnover has developed well above average. And, on a good level still is the turnover in the markets of Germany, Austria, France and England.

Also in 2016, 80 % of production went to export, the number of the full-time employees was 1,800, among them 130 trainees and expenditure on research and development remained also at more than 5 % of the turnover volume.

Strategic investments

An important strategic step was the purchase of a new 24 ha site in the new Bramsche industrial and commercial area. This enables the Amazone Group in the future, depending on the economic development, to manufacture at another site in addition to the factories in Hasbergen-Gaste and Leeden and thus have the capability to further expand production. The new area is situated conveniently adjacent to the A1 motorway and a distance of just 25 kilometres by road from the headquarters in Hasbergen-Gaste.

Also of very big strategic importance was the purchase of the plough factory from Vogel & Noot in the Hungarian region of Mosonmagyaróvár. In a consortium of bidders in September 2016, in total three investors were awarded the contract for important parts of the Vogel & Noot Group. Here, Amazone secured the plough factory including all rights for the plough programme. This enabled Amazone, supplementing its existing Cayron series of ploughs, to immediately include in its portfolio five further models of mounted reversible ploughs in differing sizes and designs. The new series, with the name Cayros, were initially introduced in November in their new green-orange colour at various international exhibitions.

Also investment in the expansion of the different factory sites continued unabatedly in 2016. In Hude-Altmoorhausen, the new painting facility started operation in November enabling all Hude produced products to be delivered now with an even higher-grade KTL primer coat and powder coating. At a cost of 20 million Euros, this new facility represents the biggest individual investment in the history of the company.

At the Hasbergen-Gaste factory, Amazone has invested 2 million Euros in a new Test Centre. The new building covers an area of 3,000 m² and will house prototype construction, test beds and electronic laboratories; this doubles the capacity of its research and test sector at this site. The employees in the test centre look after the assembly, commissioning and the testing of functional models and prototypes within the sectors of fertilising application and crop protection machinery. With the ever-increasing development in electronics, it means that there is a dedicated electronics department with offices, an E-laboratory, a measurement workshop for new technology and a sterile test room for electronic components within the new test centre.

Amatechnica inspired the visitors

As in every post Agritechnica year, in June 2016 the “Amatechnica” field day was held. Over the last few years it has become a tradition that, at this international in-house exhibition, all the Amazone innovations from the previous Agritechnica are shown in practical operation. The visitors’ response to this event was huge: 4,000 farmers, contractors and sales partners from Germany and 2,000 visitors from 29 export countries joined in this major event.

Mit den neuen, aufgesattelten Kompaktscheibeneggen Catros+ TX wurde die bisherige Programmlücke zwischen den 3 bis 6 m breiten Catros und dem größten Catros+ 12003-2TS mit 12 m Arbeitsbreite geschlossen.

New developments for new customersAlso in 2016 Amazone has introduced various innovations to the market to influence both old and new customers. So, for instance, the Catros Special, a new cost-effective series of mounted compact disc harrows in 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4 m working widths was introduced. Here the most important difference to the classic Catros 01, where the stagger of both disc rows can be adjusted, is that the disc rows on the new Catros 03 Special are fixed.

Also with the new, trailed Catros+ TX, in 7, 8 and 9 m working widths and with a central transport axle, Amazone has filled the gap between the existing programme of the 3 to 6 m wide Catros and the bigger Catros+ 12003-2TS in 12 m working width. Amazone, throughout 2016, with its compact disc harrows, cultivators, rotary harrows and rotary cultivators and the strongly expanded plough programme became a top supplier in the sector of soil tillage.

In the seed drill sector, Amazone has offered since March 2016 the new 6 m Cirrus 6003-2 and 6003-2C large area trailed cultivator drills. Both machines can be equipped from choice, depending on the individual farm situations, with either the proven RoTeC single disc or with the new TwinTeC+ double disc coulter system.

The second innovation in sowing technology is the mechanical Cataya sowing combination. It exists of the Cataya 3000 Super, designed for professional ar-able farms, which, from choice, can be combined with the new KE 3001 rotary harrow or the new KG or KX 3001 rotary cultivator. Equipped with the new TwinTeC double disc coulters and with ISOBUS technology, also the Cataya provides new important impulses for the sowing technology.

An innovation in the range of fertilising technology is the dynamic DynamicSpread part-width section control for the ZA-TS Hydro mounted spreader and the ZG-TS Hydro trailed spreader. Thanks to newly developed software, these spreaders are able to control up to 64 or 128 part-width sections resulting in the dynamic matching of spreading width and application rate. This enables significantly more precise spreading in wedge shaped fields, in short work or when working around obstacles.

With regard to crop protection, the demand for sprayers with AmaSwitch and AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control has developed very well. Both systems, in combination with the GPS-Switch headland and part-width section control, enable automatic individual nozzle switching across 50 cm part-width sections, resulting in even more precision in wedge shaped fields, in short work and on the headland. The amount of overlap is significantly reduced, on the headland, for instance, by up to 85 %. Depending on field shape, working width and number of part-width sections, both AmaSwitch and also AmaSelect result in considerable savings in active chemical agent compared with the usual crop techniques used up to now.

Also in the sector of municipal equipment, Amazone has included a new model in its programme: The E+S H 751 winter salt spreader. This spreader is equipped with a 750 litre hopper, hydraulic spreading disc drive and a forward speed-related spread rate control and takes over as the flagship model in the Amazone winter salt spreaders model range.

Gold and silver medals at the Agrosalon in Russia

This year in October, at the most important Russian agricultural machinery exhibition; Agrosalon, the Amazone Group was again well-recognised for their innovations. Here the intelligent AmaSpot sensor-nozzle system for part-area site specific crop protection was awarded a gold medal whereas also the Primera DMC 12001-2C direct seed drill and the Catros+ compact disc harrow were awarded a silver medal each.

4th Place in the DLG Image Barometer 2016

In the DLG Image Barometer 2016 for Germany, Amazonen-Werke came out well with superb assessments and overall again achieved 4th place in the agricultural machinery sector. So, Amazone is once again the best ranking of the medium-sized implement manufacturers because the first three places in the Image Barometer are held by the companies Fendt, Claas and John Deere.

Outlook 2017

Despite a restrained market development, the forecast in turnover from the Amazone directors is optimistic for the 2017 financial year. So, they expect – if the current economic climate is maintained – a slight increase in turnover. "We are convinced that the growth of the Amazone Group does not solely depend on the general development of the market but also on the increasing demand for our products. With our new ploughs and all the other innovations, we are better positioned than ever before." Also the exploitation of new regional markets is on the agenda for 2017. The medium to long-term trend for the development of the agricultural machinery industry, and especially of the Amazone Group, the directors believe will be furthermore positive.

Press review 2017

4 Dec 2017

Amazone further ahead in the DLG Image Barometer

In the recently published image assessment of companies from the agricultural sector, the DLG 2017 Image Barometer, Amazone again performed excellently. With 49 points, the company is again in 4th place in the agricultural machinery sector and thus emerges as best amongst the assessment of the other medium-sized implement manufacturers. The first three places are taken by the companies: Fendt (58 points), Claas (56 points) and John Deere (52 points).

1 Dec 2017

Max-Eyth-Medallion for Dr.-Ing. Rainer Resch

In November, 2017, on the occasion of the 75th international Land.Technik AgEng conference in Hanover, Dr. Eng. Rainer Resch, from Amazonen-Werke, enjoyed a very special award. The chairman of the VDI faculty, Max-Eyth Society for Agricultural Engineering (VDI-MEG), Professor Peter Pickel, awarded Dr. Resch with the Max-Eyth commemorative medal from the VDI along with a certificate of honour.

Frontanbau-Düngerstreuer: Zwei verschiedene Dünger in einem Arbeitsgang präzise verteilen (1)
29 Nov 2017

Front mounted fertiliser spreader: the precise distribution of two different fertilisers in one pass

The ability to operate a ZA-V, or ZA-TS, fertiliser spreader mounted up front is a very interesting option, particularly for those users who are looking to spread two different types of fertiliser in one pass. As oppose to spreading blended fertilisers through just one fertiliser spreader, this option offers the opportunity to set up each spreader optimally to the properties of the relevant fertiliser and thus to achieve the perfect lateral distribution for both...

20 Nov 2017

Thank you for visiting Amazone!

Around 450,000 specialised visitors, more than 100,000 of them from abroad, visited the Agritechnica trade show in Hanover from 12th to 18th November, 2017. The influx of visitors on the 1,700 m² Amazone Stand in Hall 9 was bigger than ever before. For taking the time to come to see us and for having so many interesting discussions, the whole Amazone team says thank you to all our customers, interested people and sales partners.

27 Oct 2017

Three Agritechnica silver medals for Amazone

In the run-up to the up-coming Agritechnica 2017, Amazone can announce its first success with the neutral expert committee, appointed by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), rewarding three of the Amazone innovations with their prestigious Silver medal awards.

Erster Spatenstich
7 Sep 2017

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Amazone factory in Bramsche

In the Schleptrup industrial area near Bramsche, Amazonen-Werke has started on the build of its new production facility. The official initiation was given on August 31st, 2017 with a symbolic first ground-breaking ceremony. Even though the rain poured down, it did not spoil the good mood. Amongst the guests present was the County commissioner of Osnabrück district, Dr. Michael Lübbersmann as well as Heiner Pahlmann, Mayor of the town of Bramsche.

10 Aug 2017

Pantera goes hill climbing

With its stepless hydrostatic drive, the Pantera self-propelled crop protection sprayer from Amazone is well-proven in its ability to cope in difficult operating conditions. It features excellent pulling power and, with its climbing ability of up to 27 %, it fully meets the demands usually found in practice.

31 Jul 2017

Amazone introduces the new XTender-T trailed hopper

New from Amazone is the XTender-T, a flexible-application, trailed distribution hopper running on a single axle. The XTender-T has been developed for farms looking to simultaneously apply fertiliser and/or seed in combination with the soil tillage operation via a cultivator or compact disc harrow. So, the XTender-T, for instance, can be utilised for the application of a compensation fertiliser to counteract Nitrogen removal by the straw rotting process or for sowing...

Cataya Super
3 Jul 2017

Cataya Super seed drill combination, now also with RoTeC Control coulters

Last year, Amazone introduced to the market the new conventional Cataya Super seed drill combination with TwinTeC double disc coulters. Now, the Cataya is also available with RoTeC Control single disc coulters, which – like the TwinTeC version – can be delivered with row spacings of either 12.5 cm or 15 cm. With this choice between the RoTeC and the TwinTec coulters, Amazone offers the appropriate coulter system for any kind of farming application.

30 Jun 2017

With 12 m working width on demonstration tour in North America

At these demo days quite a few farmers in North American rub their eyes in surprise when they first meet Kathrin Schmidt from Germany. Because currently the 26 year old employee of Amazone Product Marketing is on tour behind the wheel of a Xerion 5000 in the land of boundless opportunities. And linked to the rear of her tractor: an Amazone Catros+ 12003-2TS.

6 Apr 2017

C-Mix-Clip quick change system for Cenius cultivators

AMAZONE now offers, in addition to the already well-proven C-Mix shares, the new C-Mix-Clip quick change system for the Cenius mulch cultivator series to enable an even more comfortable share change. In this way, the simple, very quick and, above all, time saving change over from, for instance, a deep loosening with narrow shares to stubble work with goose foot shares is possible without any problem. Thus the operating costs can be kept to a level as low as possible.

Pantera 4502
6 Apr 2017

Pantera 4502 according to new emission standard 4

The heart of the Amazone Pantera 4502 self propelled machine is the proven 6-cylinder Deutz engine with a power rating of 160 kW/218 HP. The high-torque in-line engine with turbocharger and intercooling for highest performance requirements, provides – thanks to its intelligent engine management in ECO mode – minimal fuel consumption. If, however, more power is required, for instance when working on steep slopes, then the power mode is available to the driver that enables...